Sally is a Jersey bean – born and bred here on the island. After 10 years living away studying and working, she returned to Jersey in 2016 and has recently taken on the role as church administrator here at Jersey Baptist Church.

She says . . . “After a realisation of faith at the age of 14, God, through people and situations, has humbled me and changed me; showing me that being a Christian is not just about going to church regularly but it is about a life lived with and for Jesus Christ. I have been abundantly blessed with the people and experiences God has given me. I have a great family and great friends who guide and teach me about what it means to be a Christian. I have also been involved with several inspiring churches, where I have received awesome bible focused, God-given teaching. I have worked in and visited countries across the world, where people with very difficult lives, despite all their hardships, are still full of the joys of the gospel. God has used all these people and experiences to help me to grow in my knowledge and understanding of Him.
However, there have been times, when I have struggled with the call to stand out for Him, particularly in my teens and at University, when this often involved thinking, acting and speaking very differently from my peers. But every time I have grappled with this, thinking it would all be easier to do things on my own, my way; when the crunch comes to it, I just can’t bear the thought of living life without Jesus. Through His death on a cross Jesus gave me the ultimate gift, He washed my sins away, and I cannot ignore this. This is why I am a Christian.”

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