What is J.E.T.S?

Christian men and women of all ages, from
across the Island, are invited to sharpen
their Christian knowledge, character and
skills on the Jersey Evangelical Training
Scheme (J.E.T.S).


This course is aimed at
those who want to be
better equipped to teach
the Bible. We welcome
anyone who holds
evangelical convictions
and a desire to serve
Christ in their particular
ministry context.


The Jersey Evangelical Training Scheme involves
Biblical instruction, training and warm
fellowship. Participants will grow in Biblical
understanding, confidence, and Christian
maturity. The result is that they will be equipped
to be more effective in living for Christ and
serving him in the church and the world.
We believe that when the Bible is taught, God’s
voice is heard, and so the primary aim of the
course is to provide training in understanding
the Bible and in how to teach it to others.

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If you have any other questions or queries please email Drew Drew@jerseybaptistchurch.org