Children’s Church @ Home – May 10th


Children’s Church @ Home – May 10th

Below are some suggested activities and order of play to do with your children as you do Sunday Church together. Each week there will be activity sheets and also some things to watch or listen to.

You can print the below running order off here:

1. Follow the main service for songs, a Children’s talk and a song with actions.

  • (Watch the video if your children missed the children’s talk online) Click Here

2. During the sermon the children can follow any of the activities below whilst the sermon is on:

Links to PDFs for Splashers and the above worksheets and craft
Splashers | Dippers (Rec-Yr2) | Divers (Yr3-6) |Craft | Challenge | Youth Discussion

3. Children can join for the songs at the end of the service

At the end of the service here are some ideas for you to follow as a family:

A. Ask some simple questions

  • What do we learn about God?
  • What do we learn about ourselves?
  • What do I need to do now I know that about God?

Main Aim: Jesus enables his people to live in covenant relationship with God.

B. Pray with your children about what you have discussed

Try the teaspoon (“tsp”) prayer:

Thank you: What could you thank God for?

Sorry: What do you need to say sorry about? 

Please: What would you like to ask God for?

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