Children’s Church Summer Holiday Programme


Children’s Church Summer Holiday Programme

During the Summer holidays we will be running a fun and exciting programme for the Children using the Jesus Storybook Bible videos for the main teaching as the leader take a well earned break.
Below is the what will be happening at Church each week, which you can adapt to use at home. A PDF version is downloadable here.

  1. Children’s News in Groups – Ask them to share news of their week gone or coming up. This may be good news or bad news so be ready to celebrate or empathise. (5-6mins)
  2. Pray – Pray for the news broadly and the session. (1min)
  3. Game all together – You can see instructions for your game on the Excel attached document or on the computer door in the hall. (5-10mins)
  4. Song – You can choose a song from the file on the desktop “JBC Childrens Church Songs”. Then go to the Spotify icon at the bottom of the desktop. Then go to the playlist on the left of window “Children’s Church” and find the song that you want. (5mins)
  5. Video – DVD is in the computer – open the Windows Media Player icon at the bottom of the desktop screen. Explain to the children that they need to watch the video carefully because they will need to put what they learnt into 3 stations (if time for all 3).

(If doing church at home – please go to this link to pay(1dollar) and watch the video for this week – See additional document with Summer Programme)

  1.  Stations:


Here are 3 stations that you can use. All the items for this will be left on the Pool table each week. You can split the group into 2/3 groups depending on numbers. Best to mix up the ages so that each team has equal young and old in the team. You can then rotate the teams on the stations – 5mins on each perhaps – so that they are spaced out and not all crammed on one station. Leaders to help them think through teaching points and to remind them to keep distance from each other. If they need to watch the video again to remember the teaching then play it again. Each video is about 4/5mins long. To get the children motivated make the stations a competition with a winning (edible) prize!

Chalkboard impressions – Tub of chalk in the cupboard. A damp cloth cleans the chalk off best. Divide the chalkboard into 2/3 sections for each team to do their impression. More points for colour, creativity, pictures and words allowed.

Letter Scramble – use all the little letters to put together some of the keys word/phrase/ main teaching point from main teaching in video.

Pasta Art – Use the coloured pasta pieces to make up pasta art which summarises the teaching. More points for creativity and words allowed.

  1. Video 2  – Watch again if needed
  2. Recap Questions – When watching the video – take note of main points and how they apply to us and then recap this with the children by asking them:
    What did we learn about Jesus?
    What does this mean for us?


  1.  Free play time if need to fill the time.

Below is the session schedule full details here

26th JulySon of laughter (God’s promise to Abraham)What was God’s desire for humanity?
God’s world and humanity were in a mess, rebelling.
God announces a rescue plan through Abraham and his family as a promise.
MAIN POINT: From his family would come the ultimate rescuer – Jesus. It would be a miracle from start (Sarah giving birth to Isaac in old age) to end (virgin birth of Jesus)
2nd AugThe Present (Abraham and Isaac)Do you really trust God?
Abraham had to trust God and his word.
Abraham had to show that he loved God more than his son, Isaac.
Isaac trusted his father and was fully obedient.
MAIN POINT: Like Isaac/the ram, Jesus would be obedient and lay down his life as a provision for sin- to bring life.
9th AugThe girl no one wanted (Jacob, Leah, and Rachel)Did God need special talented people to carry out his rescue plan?
God uses the least important, least special people to fulfil his great rescue plan.
This way, God would always get the glory and recognition – not ‘talented’ or ‘special’ humans.
MAIN POINT: God chose the unwanted Leah to carry out the rescue plan. She was chosen because of God’s love
16th AugThe forgiving prince (Joseph and his brothers)How is Joseph like Jesus?
God chose the youngest Joseph to carry out God’s special plan.
Everything seemed to be going wrong but God was using these events for the good of the world.
Joseph is elevated from prisoner to prime minister of Egypt to save God’s people and the world from Famine.
MAIN POINT: Joseph’s life points to Jesus – many bad things would happen to Jesus but this would all be so that the whole world could be saved from sin.
23rd AugGod to the rescue (Moses and the great escape from Egypt)Do you believe God’s judgement is real and that God can save you?
The 12 brothers of Jacob would become God’s people but they would be oppressed by the new king of Egypt.
God, through Moses, hears the cry of his people and promises to rescue his people.
God brings judgement on evil/Pharaoh and rescues his people through the lamb(blood).
MAIN POINT: The rescue through the sacrificial lamb blood on door posts points forward to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus the lamb of God.
30th AugGod makes a way (Moses and the red sea)How can you be set free from doing, saying and thinking the bad things(sin) in your life?
God’s people are chased by pharaoh and his army.
This is like us being chased by sin and evil in our lives – can we be set free from sin?
The people cannot save themselves(the sea). So God performs a miracle to split the sea which frees them from army (sin, evil).
This is a foretaste to how Jesus would be the only way we could be set free from sin in our lives.

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